About Nate

I am the proud father of two kids, Grace and Jack. While they’re not quite Irish twins, they’re close enough to keep us very busy. We spend as much time as we can in Montana’s outdoors.

I also have a solo law practice that specializes in civil rights and employment law. I’ve had the opportunity to help ordinary Montanans against some of the biggest companies in the world. To me, the best expression of American democracy is a jury trial because it literally puts American justice into the hands of its citizens.

The Issues

There is a movement to privatize our public lands. As your legislator, I understand how important public lands are. They’re important not just for the tourist dollars – a recent study showed that tourism generates nearly $4 billion in tourist spending annually; supports 38,800 jobs; and produces $276 million in state and local taxes. Public lands are much more than that, though. Public lands are the heart and soul of being a Montanan. As a father who spends time on public land with his kids, I understand how it is to keep public lands in public hands.

Montana has the tools to expand its economy and create opportunities, but we have to invest in the future. By expanding broadband access to entrepreneurs, we can encourage job growth and keep the best and brightest here in Montana. By investing in basic infrastructure, like roads and bridges, we set the stage for businesses to invest here. By making college and apprenticeship programs affordable and available, we can spur job growth. I will focus on expanding opportunities to all Montanans.

An investment of one dollar in early education can produce up to seventeen dollars in return. Kids who learn to read and write turn into adults who have successful, rewarding careers. Kids who go to school early stay out of jail, stay away from drugs, and don’t get pregnant. I will fight for Early Edge Montana, which is Governor Bullock’s program to fund pre-K programs because our kids deserve a fair start.